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“OTO Secret Weapons” Review

I just picked up OTO Secret Weapons from Jeff Dedrick & Liz Tomey, and wanted to write a quick review so that everyone knows the truth about this package and exactly what’s in it.

OTO Secret Weapons is a training course and software program that was created by Jeff Dedrick, Liz Tomey, and Mike Steup, and it shows you 5 different ways to making money using one time offers plus gives you software that automatically creates the one time offers for you.

Because there’s so much training in this, and so many things the
software can do I’ll break everything down for you, so you know
EXACTLY what you’ll be getting!

The Training Course

The training course consists of 5 different blueprints that newbies
and seasoned marketers can use to make money with one time offers…

Here they are…

Blueprint 1: List Building Cash Vacuum

This one is about using a squeeze page and then having an OTO right
after so you can make money immediately from people who subscribe to your squeeze page. It’s like getting paid to build your list.

Blueprint 2: Free Member Profit Tumbler

Free memberships are seen as VERY valuable, so it’s easy to get people to signup. So in this blueprint you’re shown how to setup a free membership and create a one time offer to make money from people who sign up. They also go on to show you many other ways to monetize your free membership which I found VERY valuable.

I’m actually using this blueprint first!

Blueprint 3: Doubled Profits System

Now if you already have a product this blueprint is for you… Your
shown exactly how to create one-time offers that make your customers buy from you as soon as they purchase your initial product. This is like doubling your sales! I don’t have my own product yet, but I WILL soon and I WILL use this blueprint!

Blueprint 4: Resell Rights Cash Machine

Now I have a TON of products that I have the right to sell, and this
blueprint was a life saver because it showed me how to get them all
setup, and then make even more money using one time offers with them.

If you’re new to making money online, then start with this blueprint!

Blueprint 5: Affiliate One-Time Offer Secrets

I didn’t think that affiliate marketers could use one time offers, and
was surprised and amazed what I found in this blueprint. If you’re an
affiliate marketer, you’ll definitely want to start with this blueprint.

The Software:

There’s actually two different software programs here…

The first one allows you to use the ready to go one time offers that
come with the system. There are 8 graphical templates, and then 15
pre-made topic specific one time offers that are ready to use.

You just put in your name, picture, and signature if you have one…
Put in your PayPal information, pick a template, pick which topic of
one-time offer you want to use (there’s Facebook, Plugins, Master
Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Video Tutorials, etc), decide if
you want a downsell, decide what built in affiliate offers you want on
your download page, click save, and your one time offer AND it’s
download page are ready to go!

Now your other option is to use the customizable software that allows
you to pick from almost 450 different products and build a one time
offer of your choice. You can pick up to 25 different products per one
time offer that you create.

I liked this option best because with what I learned in the training I
wanted certain products in some of my one time offers.

It works the same as the first… You put in your name, picture, and
signature if you have one… Put in your PayPal information, pick a
template, then pick up to 25 products for your one time offer, decide
if you want a downsell, decide what built in affiliate offers you want
on your download page, click save, and your one time offer AND it’s
download page are ready to go!

Oh and you can also add text or a video above your headline on your
one time offer sales page if you want with this option too!

It totally rocks!

Now when I saw the whole “push button” wording and the “with just a few clicks” verbage on the sales page I thought… YEAH RIGHT!

However I was totally surprised by what I found…

They’re actually telling the truth!

The software is very click click click out spits your one time offer…

The only thing I can say that might be negative about the system is
you have SO many options to make money that it can be hard to choose which one.

So is what I did is I first went through all the training, then wrote
down everything I wanted to do… Then I put them in the order that I wanted to do them…

I’ve started with my first one, and once it’s getting traffic (yes
getting traffic is even covered in this program), and making money
I’ll move on to the next one, and then the next one, and so on…

This way I can create several different income streams!

So who is the OTO Secret Weapons training and course for?

Well it’s REALLY going to help out newbies. If I had to pick one group of people it would be newbies. I’m still quite new, and I totally
understood the training (I don’t see how anyone couldn’t with as in
depth as it is) and the software does all the hard work, so I was able
to get everything ready to go in just a few minutes.

However, I can see even seasoned marketers using this system because it’s so automated, and would save them a TON of time. I have a friend who has been doing this stuff for years and he even said that the training he got he learned a ton of new things that would make him even more money!

So if you’re a total newbie or even a seasoned marketer who is already making money OTO Secret Weapons is for you…

I give OTO Secret Weapons a five star rating!

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Facebook Advertising Guide

He teaches everything you need to know to create a successful marketing and publicity campaigns on Facebook.

You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes, which can be crucial to the success of online marketing. Also learn how to create great Facebook pages, groups, sites, social Plugins and how to use them to their advantage in the marketing of your company.

Facebook advertising guide will show you how to bring your message to more than 800 million Facebook users fast and easy target. Visual step by step guide on how to advertise on Facebook and how to create Facebook pages, Facebook groups, custom start pages, Facebook information channels and many others.

If you are not completely satisfied with the direction of Facebook advertising within 60 days you will receive your money back. None of the questions being asked.

Orders and payments are handled by ClickBank. Get instant access to the e-book and free bonuses after purchasing.

Throughout the Facebook advertising guide Visual guides you step by step how to perform various operations such as marketing and advertising on Facebook. There are also many examples of real life projects of corporate Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising guide will show you how to design and build a Facebook page or a group of professionals for your business. You also learn how to get many fans (or similar) and publish your Facebook pages effectively.

Facebook advertising guide to show how you can create your own as-buttons and how to use them in your marketing. Also learn how to use other Facebook social plugins like Facebook badges, such as tables, boxes, comments, activity streams and much more.

Unlike Google Adwords, where you can use a keyword (you can really Fix), Facebook’s advertising system allows you to use only the words that are in your database. This ensures that there are real opportunities behind the keywords they choose. Facebook words based on interests, activities, favorite books, television programs, films, etc. that Facebook users were listed in their profiles loads. This ensures that your ads have always an audience very interested by the keywords used.

For example, if you had a at the New York Studio Pilates and want to announce your lessons for women under 22-39 years as pilates and life in New York, or within a radius of 10 miles can be done through Facebook advertising. Adwords test!

Google Adwords doesn’t know much about your preferences and therefore not accuracy. However, Facebook, knows everything about its users.

As A result of better Facebook advertising options that you have click rates and conversions of Google Adwords.

It proved never to create a Google Adwords account? If you have, you know how difficult and horrifying is the process. Managing Adwords ads requires a huge effort to use it properly. Facebook’s advertising system is faster to configure and much more …read more